• Biography

    • Davy Dilamo is introducing a new generation of listeners to the beauty, passion, and grace of Italian pop music. The Belgium-based singer has seen his profile rise steadily in recent years, with a series of breakout hits that reinvent Italo-pop for the modern listener. Now, with the most compelling releases of his career, he is on the verge of becoming a sensation across the continent, capturing the hearts of audiences young and old alike.

      Born to an Italian father and a Belgian mother (both active in the fashion world), Davy grew up with an appreciation for classic European style. While Luciano Pavarotti was his first musical love, he always felt a strong desire to explore new sonic territory. This blend of tradition and progress has been a hallmark of Davy’s career, and continues to fuel his rise to this day.

      Davy’s first major statement came in the form of the 2021 single 'Sexy Per Me', released by the German label Fiesta Records. The award winning track quickly became a viral hit, bolstering Davy’s audience exponentially. Since then, he has proven to be an unstoppable artist with unique staying power, appearing on television and radio programs across Europe, and even making waves as an acclaimed contestant in national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest.

      With his undeniable stage presence, exceptional fashion sense, and heart-warming voice, Davy is an artist capable of building genuine connections with fans from all backgrounds. His passion for his craft is infectious, reminding people of the pure joy Italian pop music can create. With a steady stream of new releases planned for this year and beyond, he is on his way to leaving a lasting legacy in the European music world.