• Davy Dilamo scores in German-speaking countries

  • Sommerfeeling, Davy Dilamo's German-language version of Una Nuova Estate (Summerfeeling), is an outright hit in the German-speaking countries. As one of the most played songs in discotheques there, Sommerfeeling earned a place on the compilation album Schlager Disco 2022, which is now available in stores. 

    With Sommerfeeling, Dilamo immediately puts you in a holiday mood (from the very first note). Whether you're in the car or on the train, whether you're on holiday in a beautiful warm country or prefer to spend your holiday in your backyard, one thing is certain: sitting still becomes difficult when the notes of this song resound. 

    Davy Dilamo went to Austria to record Sommerfeeling, where producer Peter Werba (Semino Rossi, Hein Simons) was responsible for both the composition and the production of this feel-good song. The lyrics are by Matthias Teriet (Hansi Hinterseer, Claudia Jung, Ross Antony, Semino Rossi). 

    The video clip was shot in - how could it be otherwise - la bella Italia.