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  • Davy Dilamo to Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

    Davy Dilamo is a candidate to represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. He recently performed in the show Una Voce Per San Marino, which could earn him a ticket for Liverpool.  We will know the verdict on February 25.

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    Davy Dilamo wins prestigious Music Award

    With Sexy Per Me, Davy Dilamo may speak of a great success. Sexy Per Me, together with the accompanying video clip, has been picked up by many radio and TV channels in Europe. Sexy Per Me is also extremely popular on the streaming platforms. To crown this success, Davy Dilamo received, for Sexy Per [...]

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    Davy Dilamo scores in German-speaking countries

    Sommerfeeling, Davy Dilamo's German-language version of Una Nuova Estate (Summerfeeling), is an outright hit in the German-speaking countries. As one of the most played songs in discotheques there, Sommerfeeling earned a place on the compilation album Schlager Disco 2022, which is now available in [...]

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    Davy Dilamo your Summer Love?

    Davy Dilamo recently appeared in the new show Zing Mee Met Je TV of MENT TV (the Belgian national music channel). The show attracted more than 5000 music lovers to the Markt in Diksmuide (Belgium), where it was taped. Davy made it one big party with his remix of L'Italiano. Extra nice news is that [...]

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    Duo concert with Corry Konings a great success

    The event had been sold out for months, and last Sunday it was finally there: the duo concert of Corry Konings and Davy Dilamo in Kooigem (Belgium / Province of West Flanders). The queen of the Dutch Levenslied and Davy, who have known each other for several years, turned it into one big [...]

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